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Friday 14 December 2018

Government commits €3.5m in funding for private wells and septic tanks

On average it cost €3,000 to €3,500 to build and kit your own well
On average it cost €3,000 to €3,500 to build and kit your own well
Gerry Nolan and his son James have been drawing two tankers of water a day from the River Nore to keep their cows hydrated during the heatwave. Photo: Roger Jones
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

The Government has announced grant supports totalling €20m for 2018 for water services in rural areas.

Eoghan Murphy, the Minister for the Housing, Planning and Local Government, said the funding will enable development and improvement work to be undertaken on group water schemes and group sewerage schemes in rural areas, and will provide grants for households to upgrade private wells and septic tanks.  

The funding is aimed at the improvement of water quality in existing group water schemes and the upgrading and water conservation works in group water scheme distribution networks. 

It will support new schemes to enable rural households to have a supply of good quality piped water for the first time. Funding is also being provided towards group sewerage schemes. 

The Rural Water Programme is made up of six different measures and funding being announced today is broken down across a series of initiatives.

Under the measures, €3.5m is being committed to funding grants for private wells and septic tanks.

Approximately 11pc of Irish people get their water from private wells. Grants are available under the Rural Water Programme for the provision of or improvements to an individual water supply in a house.

Currently a grant of up to 75pc of the cost, subject to a maximum grant of €2,031.58, is available, subject to certain conditions. These are:

  • There cannot be an alternative group or public supply available
  • The house must be more than seven years old and not connected to either a public supply or group scheme
  • Only one grant per house will be allowed in any seven year period
  • The proposed work must cost more than €635

Announcing the funding, Minister Murphy said high quality sustainable water services are a fundamental necessity to our lives and do not distinguish between rural or urban areas. 

“This is why the Government continues to prioritise funding for the group water sector in parallel with the overall funding for water services generally.  Throughout the length and breadth of rural Ireland infrastructural investment in water services is needed and is being provided by this Government.”

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