Goodman's vegan burgers 50pc more expensive than meat version

Larry Goodman: Asda stocking burgers
Larry Goodman: Asda stocking burgers
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

The Larry Goodman-owned ABP's plant-based meat-free burgers are being priced at £6.61/kg (€7.33/kg) in UK supermarkets - over 50pc more than regular beef burgers.

UK supermarket giant Asda is stocking ABP's two quarter-pounder vegan burger pack. By contrast, Asda is selling regular beef burgers at £2.30/kg less - £4.34/kg (€4.81c/kg).

The ABP Equals range burger, which was launched in February of this year, contains, among other things, soya protein (15pc), coconut oil, potato maltodextrin, rice flour, pea flour, kibbled onion, koji and dried beetroot.

The brand bears on its packaging the slogan "No meat. No compromise".

ABP will launch its plant-based meat-free brand for a wider distribution in the UK supported by a £250,000 marketing campaign. It says the meat-free range equals the meat-eating experience in both texture and flavour.

ABP said the range was part of its multi-million-pound investment in ready-to-cook meat and meat-free solutions which complement its core processing business.

Darren Jones, commercial director for ABP UK, commented at the time: "We are very excited about our first fresh brand launch into the meat-free category. Our core business is and will remain in beef but we recognise the growing demand for products that fit a flexitarian and meat-free lifestyle."

The company employs over 100 people at its Eatwell meat-free processing facility in Liverpool. ABP claims to be the UK market leader for the production of own-label vegetable-based meat-free products.

Earlier this year, Finnebrogue Artisan, one of the UK's leading sausage and bacon producers, created almost 100 job opportunities at a new vegan and vegetarian food factory in Co Down.

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