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Sunday 9 December 2018

Farmer's sheep decapitated and chopped up in his field after vicious attack

Warning: Graphic Images

Stock image. Photo: Brian Joyce
Stock image. Photo: Brian Joyce
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

I wouldn’t wish what I saw on my worst enemy, a farmer who discovered the decapitated body of one of his sheep has said.

Evan Kelly and his father Gordon discovered the body of one their sheep decapitated on one of their fields in Rathmore Bridge, Edenderry, Co Offaly on Sunday evening (June 3).

Evan told FarmIreland that the pair were alerted to the attack by a neighbour who was walking along the banks of the Grand Canal where the field is located on Sunday afternoon.

“Sunday lunch time a guy who walks in the area and who’d I’d know saw and reported the attacks to us. He saw the grass was flattened and there was blood. He didn’t go any further but told us about it,” said Evan.

“I went down in the evening time then and what I saw I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. The head was in one patch of the grass and the hide was as well. I couldn’t find the carcass anywhere. I suppose whoever did it were taking it to eat it.”

Evan shared the photos of the decapitated animal on his Facebook page on Monday night to “prevent it happening to other farmers.”

“I wanted to raise awareness that this type of thing is happening and wanted to prevent it happening elsewhere. I wanted to be sensitive about it because I know the photos are gruesome but I had to get the point across that this is something someone set out to do,”he added.

Evan helps his father Gordon rear their 300 sheep on their farm and said while they’ve had attacks from foxes and dogs before, this was an “extreme encounter”.

“I had dog and fox trouble before but nothing like this. We’re close to town so we’ve had dog attacks but nothing like this before. It was an extreme encounter,” he said.

“It looks like it’s not the first time they’ve done this. They obviously knew what they were doing as they chopped it up. It wasn’t something they did on a whim.”

Evan added that since the attack people have recommended to him that he should put cameras in the field, but he doesn’t feel this is something he should have to do on his land.

“I don’t want to have to put a camera up. This has to be put to a stop. In this day in age for this to be happening is terrible. Things are hard enough for farmers,” he said.

The attack is currently being investigated by Gardai in Edenderry who are appealing for anybody with information on the incident to come forward to them and call 046 973 1290.

“It looks like the animal was cut up for meat purposes. Nobody has come forward yet. It’s quite an isolated area but people do walk there so if anybody saw anything please get in touch with us,” a Garda spokesperson for Edenderry Garda Station told FarmIreland.

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