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Thursday 13 December 2018

Ex-hurricane could end hot weather and bring wind and rain to Ireland

Tropical storm Chris, which is building on the US east coast, could become a hurricane and its remnants may hit Ireland if it joins the jet stream.

Ireland has been enjoying an extended warm spell (Peter Byrne/PA)
Ireland has been enjoying an extended warm spell (Peter Byrne/PA)

Jenna Gardiner

A hurricane across the Atlantic may “influence” Ireland's hot weather possibly bringing wind and rain next week.

Nicola Maxey of the Met Office said that tropical storm Chris, which was gathering on the US east coast and is predicted to become a hurricane, "will influence the weather, but we cannot tell what that influence will be at the moment because it is still developing".

She added there was still "uncertainty" about the possible track it will take, and it would be an ex-hurricane by the weekend when its remnants may hit Ireland and the UK.

Aidan McGivern looks at the temperatures for the rest of the week

Posted by Met Office on Monday, July 9, 2018

Fellow meteorologist Aidan McGivern, posting on the Met Office Facebook page, said: "By the weekend Chris is likely to join the jet stream and its remnants are likely to be carried towards the UK.

"Now, those uncertainties mean there are big differences in the forecast for the start of next week. One projection showing low pressure just to the west of the UK is bringing wind and rain, but on another Chris is barely there.

"One common theme emerging from the start of next week is that low pressure will be a little closer and the weather will turn more changeable than we have seen recently."

John Wylie, a Northern Ireland spokesman for the Met Office, said the weather would be a lot more unsettled as we head into next week as a result of tropical storm Chris, but all would not be lost.

He added: "It's not going to be a wash-out and the sun may still be shining."

Average summer temperatures are 19C (66F), but Ireland and the UK have seen the mercury rising over 10C above that.

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