Dumping of dead calves in plastic bags ‘shows disgusting disregard for area’

The dead animals found in the Stoneyford area of Lisburn
The dead animals found in the Stoneyford area of Lisburn

Mark Edwards

Six dead calves were found dumped in the Stoneyford area of Lisburn Co Down in the last 24 hours.

SDLP councillor Mairia Cahill yesterday said the act showed a "disgusting disregard" for the animals and the environment.

Councillor Cahill, who represents the Killultagh area, said: "It has been discovered that dead calves have been dumped on private land in Stoneyford.

"The latest find of dead calves, which were tied up in plastic bags, was discovered today.

"This is not the first time this has happened, except on the previous occasion the animals were not bagged.

"This act shows a blatant disregard for those who live in the area."

Ms Cahill said she had liaised with the Department for Agriculture and requested that during the forthcoming annual TB testing stock numbers are checked in an effort to find the culprits. "My colleague Pat Catney MLA has raised the issue with the PSNI, and I would like to thank Lisburn Council Depot for their help in this matter," she added.

"We have arranged on this occasion for the dead animals to be collected and rendered.

"The cost for a cattle owner to dispose of a calf in the correct manner is nominal, so this act really is inexcusable."

Posting on Twitter Mr Catney said: "It's appalling residents in Stoneyford are having to put up with this type of behaviour for the last number of months.

"Myself and Mairia Cahill are liaising with the PSNI and the Department of Agriculture to find out who is doing this and make sure it stops."

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