'Discounted Glanbia cheese will erode the value of Kerrygold'

Kerrygold butter
Kerrygold butter
Catherine Hurley

Catherine Hurley

Ornua's Chief Executive John Jordan has said that the prospect of Glanbia's 'Truly Grass Fed' cheese on supermarket shelves will erode the value of the Kerrygold brand.

Jordan was speaking at the ICOS National Conference where in he said “We’re passionate about the Kerrygold brand. It’s a farmer owned brand."

Ornua, he said has invested hundreds of millions in the past 25 years in the marketing the brand abroad.

"The fact is it (Glanbia's Truly Grass Fed cheese) is being retailed at a discounted price, beside the Kerrygold butter, and our concern is that it will erode value on the Kerrygold brand and the Irish brand.”

Glanbia recently launched a 'Truly Grass Fed' range of dairy products in the US, but it has come in for server criticism from some quarters on the move.

IFA said it was "extremely concerned" at the move, while ICMSA said that Irish companies competing with each other in a very valuable export market was not in the interest of the farmer-producer.

Ornua reacted to the move with temporary price promotions in a small number of retailers it said earlier this week.

Kerrygold is the number two butter brand in the US.

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