Demand for Level 8 Ag Science courses jumps

University College Dublin
University College Dublin
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The number of students applying for Ag Science Level 8 courses has jumped by 13pc, the latest figures from the CAO show.

This year the number of students apply for Level 8 agricultural courses is up 13pc, to 393. This up up from 348 first preferences in 2018.

Further the number of CAO applicants putting Level 8 agriculture on their CAO form is also up, by 14pc year on year.

Some 1,919 students have Ag Science on their CAO form this year, up from 1,690 in 2018.

When it comes to Level 6/7 courses, Ag Science options have seen a fall off in applicants. First preferences for these courses are down 2pc, while any mention on CAO forms are also down.

Meanwhile, the number of applicants putting Veterinary Medicine as their first preference is down 2pc, to 933. Further the number putting Veterinary Medicine on their CAO form at all has also fallen this year, down 7pc.

The figures from the CAO, show a big jump in demand for courses in the Stem areas of science, technology, engineering and maths is a clear response to the wealth of opportunities for such graduates.

Increases of the scale of 11pc for engineering, 5pc for technology, 5pc for architecture/construction and 8pc for second-level teaching will put pressure on points for many courses.

Applicants have also heeded calls to acquire the skills to do business in a global economy, with a 20pc hike for language-related courses.

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