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Daffodil growers plead with the public not to steal bulbs


The owners of a Bandon based daffodil farm have pleaded with members of the public on Facebook not to take bulbs from their farm.

West Cork Daffodils, which operates an 80-acre daffodil farm and also harvest daffodil bulbs, had opened up their fields to members of the public to let them pick flowers but noticed some people were also digging up the bulbs as well and as a result has closed their fields.

The post says: “We are very upset that people decided to take bulbs from the ground. It is an act of stealing. As a result of people stealing the bulbs, the fields are not open to the public, and anyone unauthorized persons in the field will be prosecuted”

Sales and Marketing Manager at the farm Oliver Chedhomme said they were trying to do a nice thing for people but a small minority were taking advantage of their kind gesture.

“We opened up our field so people who had trouble accessing flowers throughout the season would be able to pick some. We asked them to make a donation to Daffodil Day because they had to cancel their fundraising activities this year due to Covid19. But a small minority of people went too far and starting digging up bulbs to bring home with them which is a massive no-no.”

The farm supplies daffodils to local supermarkets in the Bandon area during the growing season, which lasts from January to mid-April. Then from May onwards it harvests daffodil bulbs to sell in local garden centres, DIY stores etc, which makes the picking of the bulbs even more frustrating.

“We’re dependent on the bulbs for the bulb harvesting season”, Oliver says. It takes three years to grow a bulb to the right size to be ready for the market so we need them to be alright”.

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