Cows pulled from slurry tank by specialist crews

Alastair Reid

Firefighters were called to a farm in Co Tyrone to rescue three cows from a slurry pit.

Specialist crews from across the province attended the incident outside Dromore on December 28.

A spokeswoman for the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) said: "Firefighters wore breathing apparatus and used rescue lines to pull the animals free from the slurry pit.

"Gas monitors were used throughout the incident to continually monitor gas levels from the slurry."

As well as working in midst of the toxic gasses from the slurry, the rescuers also had to cope with the hazards associated with "large animals in distress".

Following the operation which took several hours, NIFRS reported no injuries to staff and the cows were successfully pulled from the pit.

Belfast Telegraph