Beef plan group looks for apology after IFA officer claims its leaders want cheap 'West of Ireland' stores

Eamon Corley addresses farmers in Holycross
Eamon Corley addresses farmers in Holycross
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The Beef Plan Movement is looking for an apology from IFA after Padraig Joyce, IFA Connacht Regional Chairman, said the organisation was set up by 'large farmers in Meath a lot of whom expect to buy cheap stores from the West'.

Speaking on Mid West Radio, Padraig Joyce, IFA Connacht Regional Chairman said: "The beef group was set up by large farmers in Co Meath, that's where it originated from and a lot of those farmers, they expect to come down to the West of Ireland and buy store cattle as cheap as possible.

"They don't mind whether they come from the suckler or dairy herd, they don't mind as long as they can buy cheap store cattle and finish them in Meath."

One senior member of the Beef Plan Movement has called on IFA to apologise for the statement.

"I have a called on behalf of Meath beef farmers for an apology, none was forthcoming," Hugh Doyle, Vice Chairman of the Beef Plan Movement said.

Joyce went on to say that IFA looks after all farmers and will look after farmers all over Ireland. "Some organisations come and some go, but IFA has been there for the last 65 years and will continue to look after farmers.

"My job is to look after farmers in the West and bring their problems to Dublin and I'll continue to do that."

Joyce also said that when it comes to EU direct farm payments, there is only pot of money for farmers.

"There is still only one pot of money and it has to be divided out among farmers and we have to look after them.

"You have to look after the farmers on the low payment, but also those that are producing. Giving it to farmers getting up a night calving a cow or lambing a ewe, you have to look after them."

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