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Saturday 21 July 2018

'Terrible' postal service fails to deliver speeding summons to farmer's jeep

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A Judge has jokingly described the postal service in Co Donegal as "terrible" after a number of people claimed they had not been posted speeding summonses.

Six different defendants appeared at Letterkenny District Court charged with exceeding the speed limit.

However, all claimed they had not received a notice from An Garda Siochana to their homes, including one farmer who said he never received his summons.

Judge Alan Mitchell said it was "unsatisfactory" that the cases could not go ahead.

He commented "The post must be terrible up here in Co Donegal. Apparently, An Post tell us that 98pc of the post arrives the next day."

A total of four Go Safe speed camera operators were in court for the cases but were not called to give any evidence.

One defendant, a farmer, said that his postman usually leaves his post in his jeep if he cannot get him on his farm but said he did not receive a summons.

Another man had travelled from Co Mayo to give sworn evidence that he had not received a summons for allegedly driving 89km in an 80km/h zone.

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Another woman admitted she was driving and that she had seen the speed van but said she did not receive a summons.

Judge Mitchell added that he was "delighted" that a new system is in place and that people can be prosecuted even if they do not receive a fixed penalty notice to their home.

He added "It's very unsatisfactory but that's the way the old system is. It's all changed now, of course."

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