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Sunday 21 April 2019

Gardai called to dispute over access to land owned by family with criminal links

Stock Image (Niall Carson/PA)
Stock Image (Niall Carson/PA)

Gardai were called to a dispute over access to land which took place between members of a well-known Limerick city family linked to criminality, and local farmers in County Limerick.

The incident occurred on the outskirts of the village of Doon at around noon on Sunday afternoon. It is understood a landlocked field was purchased by the family in recent times.

On Sunday, when workers, working on behalf of the new owners, attempted to gain access to the field they were met by up to 10 locals. They joined together in a show of solidarity. Gardai were subsequently called by the neighbours and farmers. One source said that the face-off was over access to the field.

“It was over a right-of-way into the land. The workers thought it was in such a place and it isn’t in such a place. There has been a lot of talk of heated debate and verbals but there was nothing like that,” said the source.

All parties waited for about half an hour for the convicted criminal and his son to attend the scene. Their plans for the field are unknown. 

“All matters are to be clarified and they are to correspond through their solicitors - that’s the way it was left,” said the source.

While the dispute lasted around an hour it is understood a garda patrol car stayed in the Doon area for a number of hours.

The incident has been the talk of the parish since Sunday.

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“Doon is a small place. The guards were around for a good while so we knew something was up. That field has lain idle for a good many years. It is a good seven or eight acre field with an old house on it. It is a good 200 yards in from the road. Rights-of-way can be a contentious issue. It is complicated,” said the source.

A garda spokesperson declined to comment on the specifics of the incident, saying it was a “civil matter”.

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