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Monday 22 October 2018

Farmer told to pay over €30,000 in unpaid rent for leased land

A sheep farmer has been ordered to pay more than €30,000 in unpaid rent relating to ‘prime lands’ he has leased in west Limerick.

Mark Sadlier has been told if the monies owed are not paid by the beginning of next month, he must vacate the lands which are located at Lisnamuc, Croagh.

Edalin Cusack has initiated circuit court  proceedings against Mr Sadlier who  has not paid any rent to her since last September.

Judge Gerald Keys was told the plaintiff – a widowed mother-of-five – was seeking an injunction requiring the defendant to vacate the lands  and to restore them to their original state.

Sheila Finn BL said it was her client’s contention that more than €30,000 is owed in unpaid rent and that further monies are owed arising from the payment of monies to Mr Sadlier under the Single Farm Payment scheme.

While accepting that some monies are owed, Mr Sadlier disputed the figures which were put forward by Ms Finn.

He also submitted the plaintiff was not entitled to the entirety of the Single Farm Payment.

He agreed that Ms Cusack is entitled to receive any monies paid under the basic payment scheme (BPS) but insisted that he is entitled to retain any greening payments.

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“She is an armchair recipient (of BPS payments,) the greening is my section,” he said.

Judge Keys was told that under the lease agreement, Mr Sadlier is required to pay €12,000 in rent to Mrs Cusack each April and September. 

Mr Sadlier said he fully intends paying the monies owed but that he is not in a position to do so at present.

He said his latest “crop of lambs” are currently being reared by their mothers and that they won’t be ready until August.

He added that he only produces one crop of lambs a year.

Granting the interim injunction, Judge Keys told Mr Sadlier he cannot hold onto prime lands and “pay when it suits you”.

However, he agreed to place a stay on the order for five weeks to allow for the payment of €31,374 to Mrs Cusack.

He also ordered that the substantive case be taken from the callover list and that it be listed for hearing in July.

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