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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Farmer sentenced for breaking cattle tagging laws and providing false information to Department

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FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Northern Ireland farmer Darren McLaren, Drumnakilly Road, Carrickmore, Omagh was convicted at Omagh Magistrates’ Court today for cattle identification and movement charges.

Mr McLaren was convicted of one charge of using an ear tag to identify an animal which at any time had already been used for identifying another animal.

He was also convicted of one charge of knowingly or recklessly provided information which he knew or believed to be false in a notification sent by him under the Cattle Identification (Notification of Births, Deaths and Movements) Regulations.

McLaren was further convicted of one charge of failing to notify the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs of the movement of two bovine animals off his

Darren McLaren pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two months imprisonment suspended for two years. He was also fined £450 plus £15 offenders levy.

This case arose from a number of discrepancies found at a Cattle Identification Inspection carried out by DAERA’s Veterinary Service Welfare and Enforcement Branch.

The Department in Northern Ireland said breaches of the Cattle Identification Regulations weaken and undermine the cattle traceability system in Northern Ireland, including the integrity of the Department's Animal and Public Health Information System (APHIS).

It said the current interest in food safety by both Government and consumer groups means it is essential that the Department of Agriculture is clearly seen to be implementing all legislation pertaining to the traceability of livestock.

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