Dog owner told €200 is not enough compensation for farmer

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A dog owner whose pet attacked and kill a sheep on a neighbouring farm has been told by Judge Kevin Kilrane that €200 she paid over is not enough in compensation.

At Sligo District Court last Thursday, Philomena Kelly (61) of Carrowreagh, Dromard admitted being the owner of a dog which was worrying livestock on February 2nd 2018 at Portavad, Dromard and with not having a licence for her dog.

The Sligo Champion reports that Sergeant Derek Butler outlined to the court how at 9.30am, a farmer, Mr Farrell was out tending his 72 sheep when he saw a dog in the field and one of his flock badly injured and which had to be put down subsequently.

There were also seven sheep trapped in a ditch. Mr Farrell shot the dog which belonged to the defendant who accepted full responsibility.

Mr John Anderson, solicitor (defending) said the defendant's dog had been fitted with a collar which gave a shock if it left her property but it somehow escaped and went down to the field.

The defendant had co-operated fully and offered €200 in compensation while she also paid fees to have the dog and the sheep removed.

It appeared Mr Farrell was happy with the situation but it later transpired that he wanted more compensation, said Mr Anderson.

The defendant did not have any previous convictions and worked as a care assistant.

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Judge Kevin Kilrane said €200 appears to be a nominal amount.

The Judge said he would adjourn the case to ascertain the views of Mr Farrell who was not in court.

At this stage, he was of the opinion that €200 was completely inadequate, said the Judge. He added that sheep did not recover very well having been worried by dogs.

The case was adjourned to February 21st to ascertain the views of Mr Farrell in relation to compensation.

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