Court told Husky dogs attacked sheep despite 'electric collars'

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Two hundred euro in compensation has been given to a farmer following a sheep attack by a husky dog, a District Court has heard.

Sligo District Court heard last Thursday that on June 30th, 2017, Dylan Divers of Fuchsia Cottage, Annaghcor, Castlebaldwin was minding two husky dogs belonging to his girlfriend’s parents at Knockgrania, Gurteen.

The Sligo Champion reports that the two huskies escaped from the confines of the house and entered lands belonging to farmer PJ McKeown.

One of the huskies attacked a sheep and it subsequently had to be put down. Divers ran into the field and got the dogs under control.

Defending solicitor Tom Mac Sharry said his client had put electric collars on the dogs before letting them outside.

He added that the family had since moved out of the house they were renting from the farmer and compensation to cover the loss of the animal and the veterinary fees was offered.

The owner of the dogs, Neill Convey told the court the perimeter fencing was newly bought and perhaps the collars were not turned up high enough.

Judge Kevin Kilrane commented, ‘They are very large dogs to have near sheep.’

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The matter was put back to the sitting of the court this Thursday to allow for proof of fencing purchase and for a further €200 to be furnished to the court.

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