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Beef farmer Edmond Phelan officially puts name forward for ICSA top job


ICSA's Edmond Phelan

ICSA's Edmond Phelan

ICSA's Edmond Phelan

Waterford beef and tillage farmer Edmond Phelan has officially put his name forward to run for ICSA president it has been confirmed.

Mr Phelan, who specialises in finishing cattle near Fenor, Co Waterford has been a member of ICSA since 2002.

He has previously served as ICSA beef chairman, from 2012 to 2017, and before that he was the Munster vice-president. He has also served on the ICSA management committee.

Mr Phelan told the Farming Independent that he decided to put his name forward when Patrick Kent announced his resignation and put forward his nomination last night.

"I hadn't really thought about it until Paddy announced he was leaving. I got half a dozen calls that evening and the next day from people encouraging me to put my name forward," he said.

Mr Phelan said the price of beef and sheep and the "lack of respect" shown to livestock farmers is something he would campaign heavily for if elected as president.

"There's no respect shown to beef farmers. We are being asked to double production and work longer hours for lower prices. What other sector would do that?"

He added that he welcomed the €100m beef package announced by the EU Commission yesterday as farmers have taken a hammering from factories.

Climate change is another issue that Mr Phelan is determined to be vocal on if he is elected and he believes that fossil fuels are the major factor in increasing emissions, not farmers.

The closing date for nominations for the position is Friday, May 24. The ballot will take place on Thursday, June 27.

The ICSA election follows the resignation of Patrick Kent. The Wexford farmer stepped down to join the campaign team of Mick Wallace, the Independents 4 Change TD, who is a MEP candidate.

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