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Thursday 18 January 2018

New year prices up by another €15-20/hd

Joe Healy

Farmers selling would probably have settled for more of the same as the livestock marts kicked back into action for the new year. Instead, they were treated to a great start to the year as almost all marts reported extremely strong trades, with demand outstripping supply and prices up by €15-20/hd in some sales yards.

Carnew, in particular, reported an increase of €30-50/hd for cattle at their sale. One manager said that if the cull cows are a good indication of the trade then it's positives all round, with the well-fleshed continental types making up to and over €2/kg.

Heavy beef cattle improved by €50-70, while all other cattle prices were up €30-50/hd. Forward store and beef bullocks sold for €800-1,100 over their weight, with the lighter stores moving for €400-780 with the €1/kg. In the heifer section, the beef types traded for €550-850 over the weight.

Numbers were small but prices were high at Kilkenny, with supply not nearly sufficient to satisfy demand. As a result, prices were up €15-20/hd on the pre-Christmas trade. The heavy continental steers were selling for €2-2.54/kg, with Friesians making €2-2.16/kg. Forward stores ranged from €2-2.34/kg, while lighter types from 400-500kg made €2.20-2.47/kg. Light stores moved at €2.50-3.19/kg.

A very small sale with some exceptional prices was the report from Ballinakill where it looked like the farmers were going to put their money into livestock regardless of price.

Heavy bullocks were selling for €1.90-2.35/kg. Forward stores made €1.80-2.40/kg, while the lighter lots moved at €1.75-2.60/kg. The finished heifers sold for €1.90-2.30/kg, while stores made €1.75-2.25/kg. Lively demand saw the best of the weanling bulls make up to €2.65. The general run sold for €1.90-2.50/kg. Weanling heifers made €1.75-2.25/kg, while cull cows sold for €1.45-1.75/kg.

There was a surprisingly good turnout of cattle at Skibereen Mart. Trade had strengthened from the strong pre-holiday sales, with the cull cows taking pride of place and making almost as high as €2/kg, or €700 over the weight.

Well-fleshed Friesian cows made €300-400 over the €/kg. Store cows sold for €100-300 over. Prices for store bullocks bred mainly from dairy stock made €2-2.20/kg, while heifers sold to €2.25/kg.

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Dowra Mart had 180 cattle on offer for their first sale of the year. Trade was exceptionally strong with a lot of farmers looking for stock. Prices were well up from before Christmas. Heavy heifers over 550kg made from €600-1,000 over their weight.

Weanling heifers sold for €300-650 over the €/kg with most of them making €2.50-3.20/kg. Weanling bulls over 450kg were selling for €500-850 over the weight with the lighter bulls making €400-650 over. The best of the cull cows hit €500-820 over.

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