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Saturday 21 April 2018

New silage product packs serious value

The Silapactor
The Silapactor
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

A product which increases the density of silage by as much as 40pc received a major industry award at the Royal Welsh Show last week.

The SilaPactor from Kelvin Cave Ltd based in Somerset, was nominated as the machine, implement or device likely to be of most benefit to farmers.

Its manufacturer claims that the heavyweight implement - which is mounted on a tractor's three-point linkage and used to consolidate forage in layers as it goes into the clamp - has been proven to be far more effective at eliminating air than a tractor alone.

"The overall effect is that a clamp of forage is far more compacted, meaning a farm's forage storage capacity is significantly increased," says Andy Strzelecki, technical director for Kelvin Cave Ltd.


The rapid exclusion of air also significantly improves the quality and stability of silage and substantially cuts wastage.

"Added to this is a saving on time and fuel due to the fact that fewer tractor passes are needed," he says.

The SilaPactor is a four-tonne implement comprising 11 roller wheels over a width of three metres and will typically boost silage density to as much as 320kg DM/m3. This compares with the average silage density of 220kg DM/m3.

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John Robertson, chairman of the judges, praised the efficacy and simplicity of the machine.

"This is a company that knows its stuff...they are experts in efficient forage production and this innovation could be of great value on farms where forage is so important."

Previous winners of the award - which has been an annual highlight of the Royal Welsh Show since the 1950s - include Massey Ferguson, The Ford Motor Company and Lister.

The SilaPactor machine retails at €9,808 plus VAT. For more information on it visit

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