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Monday 19 March 2018

New president sets out his agenda

A strong commitment on the delivery of service to "each and every member" during his tenure of office has been given by the newly elected president of the Irish Charolais Cattle Society, Kevin Maguire.

In an open letter to the 2,600 members of the largest pedigree beef breed society in the country, the Navan, Co Meath breeder also committed to a review of the registration fees charged to breeders, with a view to reducing the current charge, if possible.

It is changing times at the helm of the society, founded more than half a century ago, with the recent retirement of the long service secretary, Nuala Hourihane, coinciding with the routine leadership change.

Nuala was known and loved by breeders the length and breath of the country for the service which she gave to the society over the past 42 years and her successful successor will have a difficult act to follow.

Kevin is well aware that he is taking over the presidency at a challenging time for most of the continental beef breeds to cope with the demands of the processing sector for lighter carcase weights.

"I believe that we can cope with the challenges and with good management it is possible to easily get Charolais finished within the weight limits that the factories are looking for," he said.

"A lot of work has been done in breeding for easier calving, and Charolais with good milk supply and we will continue to work with the breeders to ensure that the breed has a good future."

The breeders and members are the most important part of our society, he said. "Each breeder, big and small make up the largest breed society in the country. As council, our duty is to represent all of you as best we can and to represent ourselves while doing so.

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"Our aim as council, is to make our society the most streamlined and professional there is out there. To do this, we will need to make sure that we receive the best value possible for every euro spent. Together, we will strive to make our society and breed, bigger and better than ever.

"The costs for breeders have increased over the last number of years in many ways, feed, registrations, fuel etc. Ideally, the aim of council would be to be able to reduce the registration fees as soon as possible. This is not a guarantee but I assure you, if it is at all possible, it will be done."

He concluded: "It is you, the breeders, that elect each one of us to council and that is a privileged position to hold. Your thoughts, opinions and concerns are important and as your elected council, we want you, the members, to make them known to us. Every effort will be made to address any concerns you may have."

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