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Thursday 22 March 2018

New Massey models boost green goals

Bruce Lett

At the Agritechnica Show in Germany late last year Massey Ferguson (MF) introduced a huge number of new combine harvester models across all of their ranges.

Most were in keeping with the latest round of emission regulations and, like much of the competition, MF took the opportunity to make other improvements or changes as well.

Two new models join the MF 7300 Activia S series and both are powered by in-house Agco Sisu Power engines. These are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (AdBlue) exhaust emission control, developing 243hp in the five straw-walker, Activa 7345 S and 276hp in the six straw-walker, Activa 7347 S.

The firm's PowerFlow header with continuous belt feed instead of auger is now available on the two new models and is available in widths from 5.4m to 6.2m. Auto level tables are now standard, as is automatic reel speed adjustment, relative to ground speed through the new hydraulic drive system.

A new heavy duty feeder house (neck) is longer to improve visibility during connection and operation, plus there is a new three V-belt drive system. A new reverser is also fitted for clearing blockages.

The firm is also providing a choice of two threshing and separating systems, with electrical front and rear concave adjustment.

Both machines have a new 8,600 litre capacity grain tank. The cab is also new with a newly designed seat, armrest and console, which includes the Multi-Function lever control system. Extra lighting on the cab offers improved visibility through a wide screen.

Two new high specification MF 7300 Beta combines get a similar makeover to the MF7300 Activa S series. However, engine power is higher at 276hp in the MF 7360 and 360hp in the larger MF 7370, but both are also five and six walker machines. Agco Sisu provides the power plants for both, with SCR exhaust emission control.

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The new Beta combines now have electronic control via an advanced CANBus network, which comes with a new C2000 touch-screen terminal with soft keys and scroll wheel to select functions and 'scroll-through' pages. This monitors all the main combine functions and also provides automatic machine settings for 15 different crops.

A new hydrostatic transmission pump delivers 30pc more capacity, generating higher torque and power at the wheels according to MF. The grain tank capacity is 9,000 litres.

Again, new Agco Sisu engines with SCR deliver more power, developing 379hp on the eight walker MF 7280 Centora plus a further 25hp power boost. The MF 7282 Centora (also eight walker) develops a maximum power of 404hp while the horsepower of MF Delta Hybrid remains at a maximum of 500hp.

New on the Centora models is a wider opening, high performance concave. The grain pan is also upgraded according to the firm with increased capacity for better cleaning. A new rear axle provides a tighter turning circle on Centora and Delta models.

Making its European debut at the Agritechnica was the new MF 9530 Fortia with a 398hp Agco Sisu engine. It is equipped with a variable speed, hydraulically driven, 700mm diameter rotor which is 3.65m long and, according to MF, the longest in the industry.

There is a choice of 6.2m-7.7m Powerflow header or 7.7m Freeflow headers. Grain tank capacity is 10,570 litres and it is said to have an unloading capacity of 158 litres/sec through a 300mm auger.

MF says that the MF 9530 Fortia is equipped with one of the most spacious and comfortable cabs on the market.

Inside, it features full climate control and air-conditioning, plus the cab has a vast glass area and narrow posts for excellent visibility.

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