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Sunday 18 February 2018

New horsch leeb sprayers are pretty clean machines

Firm boasts of reliability, precision and speed with its PT270, GS8000 and GS6000 models

New to the Irish market and on view at the show from German firm Horsch Leeb are three new sprayers, one self-propelled and two trailed units. Leeb manufactures sprayers and has worked closely with Horsch for the past 16 years and both firms now share distribution and dealer networks.

The new self-propelled sprayer is the PT270 and the trailed units are the GS8000 and GS6000. The PT270 and GS8000 both feature 8,000l tanks, while the GS6000 features a 6,000l tank.

According to the firm, all are designed for reliable, precision spraying at speed.

The sprayers use Horsch Leeb's own designed and built sprayer boom control to maintain a 25cm boom distance from the crops. The firm claims that both the PT270 and the GS8000 can spray 600l/ha at 12kph with a 30m boom.

The self-propelled Horsch Leeb PT270 is a 270hp machine with mechanical drive and transmission rather than hydrostatic, which is more common on this type of machine.

This, it claims, provides for better traction in hilly terrain and constant 50kph road use.

The PT270 is available in working widths up to 36m and its steel sprayer boom incorporates the firm's contouring system, which enables all the boom sections to maintain the optimum boom height.

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Horsch Leeb claims that the patented parallelogram boom design is highly warp resistant, while being hydraulically spring-loaded and cushioned to ensure a soft and smooth boom position.

The sprayer pipe can be specified with various nozzle body combinations including a single nozzle body with a 50cm horizontal spacing, double body with 25cm spacing and quadruple body with intermediate nozzles. The pneumatic nozzle control facilitates better crop coverage and penetration.

A rotary sprayer pump is used and a stainless steel tank is designed for a long life and easy cleaning without leaving any residues. Its 8,000 litre capacity can be refilled in eight minutes says Horsch Leeb.

The trailed Horsch Leeb GS8000 is 5.25m in length and has been designed to be extremely manoeuvrable. A low centre of gravity helps ensure stability and low tractor horsepower requirement.

Hydraulic proportional boom controls allows for smooth control of the booms.

The tank cleaning system uses a separate cleaning pump to pump clean water into the tank while the sprayer pump draws out the flush water. Once the clean water has been flushed through, all the sprayer's pressure pipes and the boom are emptied pneumatically.

In common with Horsch seeding equipment, steering and control of the sprayer is carried out from the tractor cab via a Muller Comfort terminal ISO-Bus system.

There are a vast number of options available across the Horsch Leeb sprayer range but a mid-range GS8000 costs in the region of stg£106,000.

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