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New Holland's 175-258hp combine range well suited to majority of Irish customers

New Holland's upgrade of its TC5000 range of five straw-walker conventional combines is possibly of greater relevance to the Irish machinery market.

The segment leader, the TC5060, TC5070 and TC5080 develop between 175 and 258 harvesting horsepower. New Holland is firmly targeting the TC5000 range at the world's mid-sized arable farmers, large-scale livestock operations and contractors.


The cab itself is 27pc larger, with a 23pc increased glazed area for enhanced visibility and with a noise level of just 74dBA.

The redesigned right-hand console contains all principal controls to enable intuitive calibration of key harvesting parameters, including sieve settings.

The command grip, which will be familiar to users of the T6, T7, T8 and T9 New Holland tractor ranges, manages all header and unloading operations.

Six roof-mounted and two header lights illuminate the field ahead to maintain night-time harvesting efficiency and safety. A Bluetooth MP3 radio, a removable cool box and a full-sized instructor seat add a touch of harvesting luxury.

This range of TC combines can also avail of the 4.87-6.03m heavy duty Varifeed headers, featuring up to 575mm of knife adjustment for crop-to-crop flexibility in all working conditions.

The optional auto-float technology automatically adjusts header height to follow ground contours. This prevents the bulldozing effect when travelling uphill, and maintains uniform stubble height when travelling downhill.

The grain tank size has been increased to 6,400 litres on the TC5070 and TC5080 models. Furthermore, an unloading speed of 72 litres per second ensures the largest grain tank is emptied in under 90 seconds.

The TC5060 has a grain tank capacity of 6,000 litres. The in-line unloading system can function with the auger tube in virtually any position, while an unloading speed of 60 litres per second ensures no time is wasted. A push on a switch makes the unloading tube swing out or in.

When collection of the straw is not required (hardly the case for the majority of growers in Ireland this year) the TC5000 combines can be fitted with an integrated straw-chopper with reversible, serrated knives and optional remote control for the deflectors.

The dual-chop residue management system features a dedicated rake, through which razor sharp blades pass to maintain superfine chopping of all material.

The finely chopped straw is then spread uniformly across the entire width of the header, making it handy for strip tillage operations.

A soil pressure and stubble height indicator allows the operator to maintain a constant cutting height and is particularly useful when harvesting at night. For operating in uneven fields with wide headers of up to 5.18m (17ft), the optional height control float system on the header makes the operator's life easier.


It automatically adapts the header height using sensors on the outer header skids.

New Holland also offers a yield monitor and moisture sensor with a dedicated monitor. The moisture sensor is mounted in the grain tank, while the optical yield sensor is mounted in the clean grain elevator. Calibration is simple and can be done for every crop.

New Holland claims the new TC5000 models have proven drivelines for operation in the toughest conditions. The large drum generates high inertia and stores energy to effectively smooth out peak loads. To eliminate torque loads, the gearbox is mounted to a heavy traction beam and drives the final reduction gearboxes through two high-speed shafts. The TC5070 and TC5080 models, which can work with six-row maize headers, can benefit from a reinforced driveline with two PTO shafts: one left and one right.

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