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Tuesday 23 January 2018

New Holland launches its latest CX7000 and CX8000 combines

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

New Holland has unveiled details of its latest generation CX7000 and CX8000 conventional combines. The CX8000 is the world's most powerful straw-walker machine, with up to 490hp available for fieldwork.

In a little more than a decade, New Holland says that in the region of 10,000 CX combines have been produced, giving an indication to the range's popularity around the world.

Straw-walkers deliver 10pc higher productivity.

The CX7000 and CX8000 feature New Holland's Opti-Speed straw-walker technology, which the firm claims delivers up to a 10pc greater productivity.

The system works by automatically varying the straw-walker speed between 170rpm and 240rpm based on the field's gradient.

For example, when driving uphill, the straw-walker speed reduces down to 170rpm to decrease the travel speed of the straw over the straw-walkers. In contrast, when driving downhill, the straw-walker speed is increased up to 240rpm in order to prevent blockages.

Another technology used by New Holland to improve the grain sample quality is the firm's Opti-Fan system, which is standard on all models. It works by compensating for the impact of uphill and downhill slopes on harvesting performance.

The operator sets the fan speed on level ground and the system then automatically adjusts it when the harvester goes up or downhill and provides a better grain sample and reduced losses.

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Meanwhile, the Opti-Clean system, already proven on New Holland's CR range of combines, is standard on machines specified with a self-levelling cleaning shoe and the firm claims it can improve cleaning performance by up to 20pc.

It works in the same fashion as the cleaning shoe in the CR (by optimising the stroke and throwing angles in the cleaning system for enhanced cleaning efficiency).


The grain pan, pre and top sieves, operate independently to optimise the cascade for increased capacity and the longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne for enhanced separation.

The new cleaning shoe also allows the option of the taller R38 tyres, which give a greater footprint and help to reduce compaction.

All grain tank sizes have been increased, while the CX8080 and CX8090 models now benefit from a maximum size 11,500 litre grain tank.

This means combines can work for longer without having to unload to facilitate grain logistics. Impressively, unloading speed now tops 125 litres per second (14pc faster than previous models) to ensure the largest grain tank is emptied in about 90 seconds.

Rubber tracks: reduced compaction and improved traction

The in-house designed New Holland Smartrax rubber track system is now available on the CX7090, CX8080 and CX8090 models.

While they can be a costly addition, advantages of running combines on tracks include improved header stability at high operating speeds and reduced ground pressure by up to 60pc when compared to wheeled machines.

New Holland says Smartrax is available in track widths of either 24" (610mm) or 30" (760mm). Both of these have the capacity to reduce the overall width of a wheeled machine in order to keep it within the maximum transport width of 3.5m.

The Smartrax use a low pivot point that keeps the centre of gravity close to the ground for stability, while hydraulics automatically maintain track tension.

When the header is raised to maximum height or the unloading auger swung fully in or out, the tracks are tensioned automatically.

Lugs prevent drive slippage between the track and the driving wheel.

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