New Holland 
launch world's 
biggest combine

New Holland's latest combine, which the firm claims is the world's largest
New Holland's latest combine, which the firm claims is the world's largest
New Holland's latest CX combine is designed to appeal to technophobes
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

New Holland has launched its new CR combine range that the firm claims will raise harvesting to a whole new level. Up to 15pc more productivity in small grains, grain crackage as low as 0.2pc, and the ultimate comfort cab are some of the promises surrounding the new machines that will be available for next year's harvest.

The six model range is topped out by the enormous CR10.90 combine, which boasts some impressive vital statistics. A 16-litre, 652hp FPT engine; a 14,500 litres grain tank (equivalent to 11t); and an unloading speed of 142 litres per second , which is able to empty the huge tank in about a minute and forty seconds.

New Holland continues to refine its twin rotor technology, which is designed for high capacity harvesting and delivers high outputs. The feed-roll stone-protection system 
further raises the CR's massive capacity by feeding the rotors faster and more smoothly while removing stones 'on-the-go'.

New serrated blades on the roll are gentle on the crop, resulting in high-quality straw. New Holland claims this is achieved with no additional power consumption, resulting in higher capacity as well as better grain and straw quality than with the equivalent model of the same horsepower in the previous range.

New Holland are fitting their Smart-Trax rubber tracks with Terraglide suspension system as standard on the flagship CR10.90. This extra will only be available on the other models on request.

These offerings will allow excellent traction and reduced soil compaction, with recent trends showing an increasing number of operators deciding to opt for tracks despite the higher cost.

The CR combines now offer more horsepower than ever, from 449hp in the CR7.90 to the massive 652hp of the flagship CR10.90.

In terms of engine choice, five models in the range feature New Holland's Tier 4A emissions technology, while the flagship CR10.90 is equipped with the 'diesel engine of the year 2014', Cursor 16, which is already compliant with Tier 4B regulations.

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The engine features common rail technology for precise fuelling and responsive performance, resulting in consistently high productivity in all field conditions.

New Holland engineers say the firm's "ECOBlue" technology has delivered impressive fuel savings on the new models, reducing running costs and extending the uninterrupted working time afforded by the huge fuel tank, which is 1,300 litres in capacity in both the CR9.90 and CR10.90 models.

The extra-long 10m folding unloading auger on the flagship model is a match for the largest headers and tallest trailers in the world.

Meanwhile, the grain tank's high capacity - ranging from 11,500 litres in the CR7.90 to 14,500 litres in the CR9.90 and CR10.90, combined with a fast unloading speed of up to 142 litres/second, mean that no second is wasted during the day.

Cab comfort

Designed in consultation with customers, the new Harvest Suite cab is larger than its predecessor at 3.7m3, and the interior layout has been redesigned to improve ergonomics and comfort.

Early testimonials suggest the new force-based command-grip multifunction handle is intuitive to use and makes it easy to fine tune harvesting speed. New Holland say their target was to ensure the 
new harvesting console becomes "an extension of the operator."

A 26.4cm wide colour touchscreen monitor puts all key parameters at the operator's fingertips. It is fixed on rollers so that it can be moved to the most comfortable position.

An optional second display is available for operators requiring the maximum of information.

The new cab also features more glass than previous models - the 6.3sq meters of glazed area, together with the floor sloping down into the front windscreen, provide impressive visibility all round and a clear view of the edge of the header.

For the long harvesting days, there is a choice of three types of seat offering increasing levels of comfort - from the standard wide cloth trimmed seat to 
the deluxe cloth trimmed seat with heating and active ventilation, right up to the top of the range leather trimmed seat with extended vertical travel and automatic weight adjustment.

When harvesting continues into the night, the lighting package is designed to ensure top visibility of the entire header and the field ahead.

An unloading auger light for precision unloading and four rear work lights mean 
operators can continue to work long after dark just as efficiently as during the day to get the job done right.

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