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Saturday 20 October 2018

New food supply chain proposals will help stamp out unfair trading practices - Hogan

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

Details around EU proposals on the future of the food supply chain will be published in April, with the EU Agriculture Commissioner hopeful that it will help stamp out unfair trading practices.

Speaking in Brussels yesterday, Phi Hogan said Europe is making good progress on putting together legislation to stamp out unfair trading practices

Details, he said, will be published in April and he said it was in response to a strong mandate from Member States around the position of the farmer in the food chain.

He said unfair trading practices were leading to a decline in the profitability of many farmers across Europe.

EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan said he expects legal proposals to be available by the end of May or early June for the future of the CAP.

At yesterday's Council of Ministers meeting only stumbling block was the lack of unanimity of external convergence of direct payments of yesterday's meeting.

External convergence, or equal subsidies across all Member States, was sought by five Member States, but there was support from 23 countries for the meeting's and according to Hogan getting 23 of 28 Member States to agree the text was "understandable" as it would be very difficult to get full agreement without knowing what the multiannual financial framework (MFF) is.

He said that more will be known when the budget is announced on May 2. He said to get 28 Member States agreed on voluntary coupled support was a great achievement.

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"This is a step forward in acknowledging that there will be sectoral difficulties from time to time that will require specific support, but there will be a framework around which to judge them."

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