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Saturday 20 January 2018

new diamant sparkles in the furrow

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

It is a busy time of the year for machinery demonstrations with plenty of interest in tillage equipment like new ploughs and drills.

Lemken and Templetouhy Farm Machinery (TFM) took advantage of the fresh spring weather recently when they took to the fields in Kilkenny to show off the new Lemken Diamant 11VT semi-mounted plough for the first time in Ireland. Kilkenny man Diarmuid Claridge is area sales manager for Lemken and he was on hand to take queries from farmers and contractors on the day.

"Although a cold day, we got a good crowd and received some solid enquiries with a few deals done as well," said Mr Claridge.

"With the recent spell of dry weather it's full steam ahead for us now as we embark on our spring demo tour around the country.

"The main features of the Diamant 11VT plough are that it has a weight transfer ram to increase traction and DuraMaxx hard-wearing parts."

Lemken says its DuraMaxx slats and mould boards are made from high-carbon steel without drill or punch holes, allowing increased hardening, higher wear resistance and a particularly long service life.

The boards and slats are not bolted on. Instead they are simply hooked in without any need for tools, allowing them to be changed quickly. Pulling the pin allows the shin to be removed.

The shin, in turn, holds the mouldboard or slats in place. Once the shin is off, these slide forward and out without the need for any tools.

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Lemken claims that its DuraMaxx parts can last 75pc longer than competitor parts, meaning less time is spent changing parts, giving more time in the field ploughing. A typical mould board should plough about 80ac on one set of points.

The new Diamant 11VT plough is available with a maximum of nine furrows. There is also the option of a Hydromatic auto-reset system.

Mr Claridge said this ensures the tripping body is always returned to the ideal working position, even under difficult conditions.


The Diamant 11 can also be equipped with a traction increase unit based on a clever looking weight transfer system.

The traction increase unit ensures that weight is shifted from the plough and tractor front axle to the tractor rear axle, thereby reducing wheel-slip on the tractor.

Reduced wheel-slip translates directly to increased output and reduced fuel consumption for the user. The new Diamant 11 semi-mounted plough is available for delivery now and is priced at €50,000 plus VAT.

Plough Operator of the Year

Meanwhile, Lemken and TFM are launching a really worthwhile looking award programme at Kildalton College for second year machinery and crops students.

It's called the Lemken Plough Operator of the Year, where Lemken sponsor a new four-furrow plough for the students to train on.

Throughout the course of the spring, the students will be trained on the correct procedure for setting a plough up to maximise productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Each student will spend time ploughing a number of acres with the plough as part of their course.

Over the next few weeks, Lemken representatives will spend a couple of days with the students to train them on plough maintenance, techniques and proper infield set up.

A competition will then take place where each student will be assessed on their knowledge of ploughing, in-field settings, maintenance and general plough operation.

The winner will receive a Waterford Crystal trophy, a trip to the Lemken factory in Germany and the title of Lemken Plough Operator of the Year 2013.

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