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Thursday 22 March 2018

New design of PTO guard for easy coupling

Seamus Coonan shows the new PTO guard
Seamus Coonan shows the new PTO guard

Bruce Lett

AT THE recent Tullamore Show, Seamus Coonan, a trailer manufacturer and Zetor dealer from Clonmore, Co Tipperary, had on his stand a very useful design of PTO guard.

What is different about the PTO guard demonstrated on Seamus's stand was that the guard itself could be unclipped from its bearing point at the yoke end and the PTO guard moved back along the shaft. According to the Australian manufacturers, Bare-Co, this is to facilitate easier coupling of the PTO shaft to the tractor or implement. The firm say that with a fixed PTO guard on the tractor and a fixed PTO guard on the shaft it is very difficult to connect up both. They designed their PTO guard to make this operation easier. This design would certainly make greasing of the crosses (Hardy-Spicers) easier as well.

Two red levers at each end of the guard are unclipped and the guarding can be moved back. These levers have to be pressed in the middle and the end lifted to unclip. They are also countersunk into the guard to prevent them catching in anything that would release them.

The Bare-Co guard on Seamus's stand was about 1.5 metres long and came with a selection of yoke-end bearing rings to accommodate a vast range of PTO sizes and types from many different manufacturers.

On the day Seamus was selling them for around €120 including VAT. For further details contact Seamus Coonan on 0505-43186 or 43919

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