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New concept from Claas

Claas has launched a new machine which the German firm claims is a completely new concept in silage wagons. The new Claas Cargos 8000 is a dual purpose machine designed so that when it is not being used as a forage wagon, the pick-up and chopping unit can be quickly and easily removed, and a blanking plate fitted, so that it can be used as a silage trailer.

Some readers may know that Claas has sold the larger Cargos 9000 range for a number of years in Europe now, but the Germans claim this new smaller model (pictured below) features a heavier-duty design that makes it ideally suited to maintain high outputs in the heavier crop conditions like Ireland.

Three models are available in the Cargos 8000 range, the 8500, 8400 and 8300, which have a loading volume of 41, 35.5 and 30m3 respectively. The new design features a heavy duty drive system, with a pneumatically driven pick-up and the option of a hydro-pneumatic suspension system.

From the pick-up, the crop is fed into the cutting and loading system via a 860mm diameter rotor fitted with nine rows of tines in a helical pattern, which are bolted on for ease of maintenance and replacement if necessary.

The chopping chamber contains a bank of 40 double blades that are twin edged so that they can be easily turned to reduce downtime for blade sharpening. The blades have adjustable pre-tensioning so ensuring that a precise chop quality is maintained.

To ensure that high outputs can be constantly maintained the chopping chamber features a hydraulically-lowered drop-floor. This is lowered automatically if the unit is overloaded and the driver can remove any possible blockages by simply reducing the PTO speed from the driver's seat.

The new wagon also features a lowered floor conveyor that can be hydraulically pivoted 90 degrees downwards so that the blades can be easily accessed for changing. To increase efficiency, the Cargos can be fitted with an automatic loading system that works either via the deflection of the front cover.

From the chopping chamber, the crop is transferred via the floor conveyor into the wagon where it is built-up steeply to ensure that the wagon can be used to its full capacity. When not required for use as a forage wagon Claas says the loading system can be quickly and easily removed in around 15 minutes using a carrier frame and a filler plate inserted so that the wagon can be used as a conventional high-capacity silage trailer.

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