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Monday 18 December 2017

Multibridle taking off

The uniquely designed Micklem Multibridle continues to go from strength to strength, with top riders Rodrigo Pessoa in show jumping and Andrew Nicholson in eventing now using the bridle in international competition.

The bridle was designed by William "from the inside out", using the shape of the horse's skull as a template to avoid pressure on key areas of the horse's head.

On the poll, the bridle features a widened and padded headpiece with no separate uncomfortable noseband strap.

The bridle's drop nose band shape with unique diagonal side pieces avoids the protruding molar teeth and prevents any inward pressure on sensitive mouth tissue inside. However, the front nose piece sits higher on the nose than a normal drop noseband, in order to avoid putting pressure on the fragile bones at then end of the nose.

The positioning and fitting of the Micklem bridle also avoids putting pressure on the horse's main motor, sensory and facial nerves. Finally, the bridle also has a tongue protection system to take any extra pressure on the nose, as well as a bitless bridle option.

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