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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Muck in at Grassland

Major UK festival offers the chance to check out a range of equipment, writes Bruce LettMuck in at Grassland

On May 18-19, the Grassland and Muck event will be held in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, England. Similar to, but on a bigger scale than, the FTMTA's successful event in Gurteen Agri College last year, this is a working event featuring both grass and muck (slurry and dung) agricultural machinery.

There will also be static displays at the event as well for those who don't want to get too close to the action, particularly the muck demonstrations.

Organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England in partnership with Yara UK, the event will host more than 200 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of products and services with 160ac of working grass and muck machinery. Visitors will get to see agricultural machinery manufacturers demonstrating their wares.

Events like this are of particular interest to farmers or contractors in the market for new kit or changing existing machines or equipment. On the grass side, there will be working demonstrations of grass mowing, tedding, raking, baling and harvesting equipment. The mucky half of the event focuses on slurry and dung spreading and handling equipment.

Several manufacturers will showcase new equipment at the event, including tractor manufacturer CaseIH, artic steer loader manufacturer Schaffer and McHale. CaseIH will introduce the public to its new reverse-drive Puma CVX, which replaces the previous reverse-drive Steyr-based CVX. With the introduction of the latest round of emission regulations, CaseIH is not pursuing the development of the Steyr-based models further to meet the regulations and, as such, production of the Steyr-based models is winding down as T3 engine supply from Agco-owned firm Sisu runs out.

CaseIH has paired up with equipment manufacturer Lely at the event to supply tractors and equipment to each other. While Lely doesn't manufacture any products configured for reverse-drive tractors, historically, Lely-owned Mengele did produce the SH40 silage harvester in reverse-drive configuration. Lely has been very busy introducing new products in the last couple of years so it will be interesting to see if the company brings anything new to the event, particularly for the reverse-drive CVX.

German manufacturer of artic steer telehandlers and shovels, Schaffer will launch its biggest telehandler to date on the Irish and British markets at the event. This is a high-horsepower, high-capacity machine which is likely to be of significant interest to Irish contractors. I will not be getting dirty at the event but visitors will get to view it on stand 409 (more details on the loader on these pages.)

McHale will be showing the McHale C460 bale feeder and straw blower in Britain for the first time. The firm will be bringing a full range of grass machinery to the event, which can be seen on stand 106. Irish manufacturers will certainly be well represented at the event, with Keenans sponsoring the discussion forums and many other manufacturers also attending the event. For those not travelling over, the Farming Independent will be reporting on new products.

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Opening times are 8.30am-5pm on Wednesday, May 18, and 8.30am-4pm on Thursday, May 19. Tickets are £16 at the gate with free car parking, or £13 if you book online. Birmingham is the closest airport and for more details or to book your entry tickets online, visit

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