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Monday 22 January 2018

Mr SnowPlough looks for farm partners in nationwide scheme

Dermot Redmond also decided to develop the whole snow clearing or removal business.

He has called the company Mr SnowPlough.

"Last year we had lots of calls during the snow from people and companies wanting to know if we provided a snow clearing service," Dermot explained.

"From this, I saw an opportunity to set up a nationwide snow removal and gritting service," he added.

Dermot has employed two people to establish contacts with individuals and companies all over the country, offering them a snow removal service.

"The feedback has been excellent and already we have a number of very large clients on board, including a supermarket chain, several doctor and dental surgeries, hospitals, hotels and more. Many of these just want to keep their doors open, particularly businesses in these tough times."

Essentially, Mr SnowPlough provides the client base for the Mr SnowPlough operatives.

"The companies that require a snow removal service then pay the Mr SnowPlough operatives directly. We charge our operators an annual fee of €250 plus VAT and in return we provide the clients," he added.

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The charge for snow clearing will vary but one of Dermot's supermarket clients has agreed to a fee of €100 to clear and grit half the car park plus all of the paths up to the doors.


With his client base growing, Dermot needs to recruit more snow removal and gritting operators.

"At the moment we have 35 Mr SnowPlough agents or operatives on board but we have an opening for at least a 100 more," Dermot said.

"The minimum requirement to be a Mr SnowPlough operator is a tractor and snowplough so it really is well suited to farmers, farmers' sons or agricultural contractors.

"The ideal operative would have a grit spreader as well. An ATV equipped with a snow plough would complete the package."

Contact details are on the Mr SnowPlough website, including the phone number (053 937 7082) and email (

Bruce Lett

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