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Thursday 26 April 2018

Moyvalley ahead of the game at 470c/kg


Joe Healy

They say that the chances of six different people picking the same winning lotto numbers are about 48.5m to one. What's seldom is wonderful I suppose. Unfortunately the odds on six different lamb processors quoting the same base will always be fairly short because this is not so seldom.

This is the case again today with only one of the seven straying off course. Despite a drop of 5c/kg, Moyvalley are tops with their all-in quote of 470c/kg. Thereafter, all of the rest are on the same base.

A 10c/kg fall in the two Kepaks, Kildare Chilling and Dawn Ballyhaunis brings them back level with both ICM plants on a 450c/kg base plus the bonus. The extra 5c/kg for quality assured lambs going into Kildare leaves them slightly ahead for suitable stock.

If you are selling, a bit of bargaining will reap rewards. Factories are freely paying 470c/kg while groups and strong sellers are securing up to 480c/kg for nicely finished in-spec lambs.

Farmers are urged to ensure lambs are suitably finished before slaughter as a tendency amongst some farmers to sell off the last and clean out is leading to quite a mixture of quality being offered.

Penalties inevitably occur where lambs are not fit. It is imperative to maximise your price on all of your lambs.

There is no change to the quotes for the cull ewes with 200c/kg being offered everywhere. Finishers with numbers are securing between 220-230c/kg with as high as 240c/kg mentioned in places.

Bord Bia reported that the sheep trade slowed down over the past week on the back of weakening demand on both domestic and key export markets.

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Quotes for lamb were back on the previous week with prices ranging from between €4.50-4.60/kg. Prices paid for cull ewes remain unchanged, with prices continuing to make up to and over €2/kg.

In Britain, trade improved slightly on the back of some tightening in supplies.

In France, trade was under some pressure as a result of increased supplies of British lamb onto the market. Last weekend's prices for Irish grade one lamb were €4.72kg, including VAT. The indications for the trade over the next few weeks point to some further slowdown, with the first of the indoor Lacaune lamb expected to be marketed in a fortnight.


Lamb prices held reasonably well at the sheep marts over the past week. Demand continued strongly, especially for the butcher types.

Yesterday's sales saw the heavy lambs in both Athenry and Fermoy make up to €65-66 with the €1/kg. A top price of €120 for 55kg was the pick of the day in the western mart where the nicely fleshed heavier types were making €50-65 over, with the factory lambs selling for €45-55 with their weight. Cull ewe prices ran from €45 to €95, while a few in-lamb ewes sold for €80-100. Stores made from €30-45 over.

In the south, the heavy lambs at a small sale of 217 sheep in Fermoy Mart made €54-66 with the €1/kg. Factory types moved at €46-56 over, while stores made up to €85. Cull ewes sold for €22-90. Kilkenny reported that the butcher lambs were making €50-57 with their weight, at prices ranging from €102 to €111. The 40-50kg lambs sold for €41-56 over the weight and ranging from €81 to €105/hd. Store prices ran from €70-95 each. Cull ewes sold from €58-100.

A few in-lamb ewes are being offered for sale but interest is not very lively. Depending on age and scanning reports, prices range from €100 to €140 in the main with some ewes selling back to cull prices of €80.

The sheep trade was steady at Dowra Mart on Saturday last with the tops of the hoggets making from €70-95 each. Lighter pens for feeding made from €40-70.

The better quality and younger in-lamb ewes sold from €100-140 while older in-lamb ewes made from €70-100. Cull ewes for further feeding moved at €30-55. Heavier ewes made from €50-80 each.

Carnew had 1,600 on offer. Heavy lambs were easier by €2-3 per head but the store and factory types were a steady trade. The butcher lambs moved at prices of €100-111. This was equivalent to a range of €50-57 over the weight.

Factory lots made upwards of €96/hd. Stores sold for €65-95/hd or €40-55 with the €1/kg. Cull ewe prices varied from €40 to €90/hd, while in-lamb ewes made €118-131.

At Mayo/Sligo Mart the best of the fit lambs made up to €110 or €1.95/kg. Cull ewes sold to €90. Ewes in lamb topped out at €100.

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