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Mower power to Lely


Lely mower

Lely mower

Lely mower

Visitors to the Lely stand at the Ploughing can view a live demonstration of how Lely produce and assemble their Splendimo mower. This will be done by replicating a mini version of their mower production process, demonstrating how a mower would assembled at the company's production facility in the Netherland's.

Lely says the exhibition will help onlookers understand why Lely mowers have the lowest horsepower requirement and fuel consumption in the market.

The firm cites a test of a number of mower brands in the German Profi machinery magazine - the results found that a Lely Splendimo mower requires 20pc less horsepower than other brands, leading to a fuel saving of a least a litre of diesel per hectare mown.

Explaining the concept, Joe Roche from Lely says that it was during the firm's Irish dealer trip to the Lely factory in the Netherlands last December that the idea came about.

"Our new dealers were really impressed with the modular cutter bar production cell and one of them suggested that we should consider doing it at the Ploughing," said Mr Roche. "I didn't take it seriously at the time but a seed was sown and this spring we gave it some more consideration. Our experience with the live milking stand over the past two years gave us the confidence to design and plan the event.

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