Most farms still have no internet

Onwave, one of Europe's largest providers of satellite broadband services to the residential market, recently announced the results of a survey that revealed that 61pc of farmers in Ireland still have no internet access on their farm or in their home.

A further 19pc are still on slow dial-up or narrowband services.

The Onwave survey, carried out at the Ploughing Championships, found that of those farmers who didn't have access to broadband services, more than 77pc believed there was no availability in their area.

The survey also found that 70pc of farmers who had some form of internet access used it for farm-related activities such as banking, tender documents, returns to the Department of Agriculture, and livestock registration.

Of those who did not have direct access to the internet, 52pc admitted having asked friends, family members or agents to help them when they needed to access relevant websites and fill in forms online.

Sean Óg Brennan, technical director with Onwave, said: "For any business to be competitive it now needs to have access to the best broadband services available and why should that be any different for a farming business."

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