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Moorepark open day

PLANNING for 2015 is the theme of this year's open day in Teagasc Moorepark which takes place on Wednesday, June 29.

Up to 5,000 farmers are expected to attend the event, which will focus on the opportunities for expansion post 2015.

Visitors will progress through a round of seven stands which will deal with everything from breeding, to grassland management and new milk quality requirements.

A discussion forum chaired by Teagasc specialists, Padraig French and Laurence Shalloo, will take place in the afternoon.

Arla in talks with Milko

Swedish dairy processors Arla Foods and Milko are in discussions on the terms of a possible merger.

Milko is a relatively small player in the Swedish dairy market and is owned by 650 farmers. In contrast, Arla Foods is a global dairy company and cooperative owned by Danish, Swedish, and German dairy farmers and has close to 16,000 employees.

Milko had financial difficulties in recent years . Any merger will need the approval of the Swedish competition authority.

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