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MooMonitor to be available to Munster AI dairy herds

Dairymaster and Munster Cattle Breeders Group have signed an exclusive distribution agreement to sell and support the Dairymaster MooMonitor system.

Covering Cork, Clare, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford and Galway, this deal will make the MooMonitor system available to the 19,500 herds serviced by the Munster Cattle Breeders Group.

"We explored a number of heat detection systems on the market and found that the Dairymaster MooMonitor had the best technology," said Doreen Corridan of Munster AI.

A MooMonitor is a device that is fitted on the neck of the cow which records specific types of activity relating to heat.

The MooMonitor software has recently been upgraded and has seen that addition of the MooMonitor App. It allows the farmer to analyse activity for each cow and the entire herd and is now available on smart phone, iPad, tablet or website for 24-hour remote monitoring.

"We see them as an ideal distributor of this product as they have an excellent knowledge on reproductive physiology and oestrous expression of dairy cows to add an extra dimension when selling and supporting the MooMonitor system," said Edmond Harty, CEO and Technical Director, Dairymaster.

Irish Independent