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Mobile handling unit is ideal for outfarms

The Prattley mobile drafting unit costs €2,250. It is particularly aimed at farmers with out-farms or rented land, where handling facilities are scarce according to Graham.

"Take a farmer that wants to draft stock to bring to the mart or factory from the outfarm.

"If he has to drive a mobile handling unit out to a location, he'll need to make a second trip to bring the trailer for loading the animals. He'll also have another trip back to the out-farm that evening to collect the handling unit again.

"This cuts that out by being able to carry the whole lot mounted on the side of the trailer. The sheep and the guillotine are the only items inside the trailer.

"The gates are light enough that you can leave them all connected, just pull one end and the whole lot will open out like an accordian," he says.

Indo Farming