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Thursday 23 November 2017

Minister taxes patience

Martin Ryan

There has been an angry farmer response to a suggestion by Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith that farmers could reduce the impact of the recently introduced carbon tax by cutting the amount of diesel they use.

In a letter to the IFA, the Minister suggested that farmers could alleviate the extra cost of the carbon tax imposed on farm diesel this year by reducing the amount of diesel which they use on their farms.

The letter was delivered to Limerick IFA county executive through Minister of State Peter Power, in response to intense lobbying of Mr Power over the carbon tax burden on farmers.

"It is disgraceful for the Minister to have the cheek to tell us that we can cut down on the amount of diesel which we use without providing an alternative fuel to do the work," Limerick IFA chairman, Eddie Scanlan told a county executive meeting last week.

"We need to highlight the arrogance of the Government by suggesting that we can cut down on diesel after they have increased the price," he added.

"We are not letting up on this one and will continue through the political channels to have the carbon tax on farm diesel reversed.

"If the Minister can tell me how I can cut down on diesel I would be glad to hear it.

"It is a crazy suggestion," insisted John Fennessy from Pallasgreen.

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