Farm Ireland

Monday 18 December 2017

Mid-Louth takes on GEM sprayers

Ardee-based firm Mid-Louth Garage was recently appointed as dealers for the FarmGEM range of agricultural sprayers.

Looking after all of the Republic at the moment, Mid-Louth has a history with the FarmGEM product through the Gem connection to CaseIH.

Mid-Louth is a CaseIH dealer and would have sold the GEM-based CaseIH sprayers until around 2003 when they were no longer available.

"We sell sprayers to a lot of spud men and spud work is hard on sprayers," said Mid-Louth's Cormac McCartney. "Gem and sprayers had a strong boom and excellent build quality, which suits spud men. So when the FarmGem agency came up we went looking for it. The FarmGEM sprayers are well made. We sell them on reliability and strength."

The trailed GEM-Trak 4200 sprayer retails at around €56,500 + VAT.

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