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Thursday 22 March 2018

Micro-chip dogs, says ICSA

ICSA sheep chairman Mervyn Sunderland has again called for a proper identification of all dogs, by means of compulsory micro-chipping. According to Mr Sunderland, the problem of dogs attacking sheep has not gone away.

"There are too many dogs in the possession of irresponsible owners who are not prepared to look after them properly," Mr Sunderland said.

"This becomes a problem when these dogs are allowed to wander freely. Micro-chipping means that there is a possibility of ensuring that owners are held responsible for damage caused by attacks, at least in instances where the dog is caught," he added. "However, the real benefit is that compulsory micro-chipping would foster greater levels of responsible dog ownership in general. Too many people think that a puppy makes a nice present for a child at Christmas time but not enough people put as much thought into what happens afterwards. Micro-chipping would also assist dog wardens to monitor irresponsible ownership and cases of cruelty.

"Sheep farmers now have to accept a regime of compulsory electronic tagging and it is not unreasonable that modern technology should also apply to dogs, given the problems that exist," Mr Sunderland said.

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