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Sunday 22 April 2018

McLaughlin resigns ICSA position

Martin Ryan

ICSA national suckler committee chairman Brendan McLaughlin has resigned his position but said he will support the organisation as "an active member".

The sheep and suckler farmer from Manorcunningham, Co Donegal, said that he found the position too demanding on his time because of the heavy workload and the amount of travelling required.

"There is only myself and my wife to run the farm. There were too many meetings to attend and I found it hard to cope with the work on the farm and give sufficient time to the position," Mr McLaughlin said.

"There are plenty of other, younger people who can do the job well, and I will be continuing to support the organisation."

His three years as chairman of the committee included the introduction of the quality payment system (QPS) for cattle, which has led to serious divisions within the organisation.

"Too many of the good cattle are leaving the country, because producers are not being rewarded," he said.

"The QPS is unfair. Producers of good E and U-grade cattle should be better rewarded and I would not have changed the O grade. The reason the percentage of E and U-grade animals is so low is because they are going out of the country for slaughter."

A producer of quality Belgian Blue beef stock, Mr McLaughlin is also a member of the Irish Medicines Board.

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