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Friday 19 January 2018

Mayo workshop to help develop draft work skills

A new course is on offer for horse owners who are interested in using horses for draft work at home.

The four-day workshop takes place at Macalla eco farm on Clare Island, off the Co Mayo coast, on May 18-22.

This course covers the basics of horse training, particularly for driving, draft work, or pack work. It will also be of interest to horse breeders and to anyone interested in training young horses, as there will be an option to work with young stock on the final two days.

Taught by UK-based Vanessa Bee, the course will consist of two sessions a day and will cover ground work and safe handling, horse behaviour, the psychology of training, positive pony power -- training your horse for draft work and driving -- and the option of working with young stock.

The course costs €480, including vegetarian lunches, and it is possible to bring your own horse (no stallions or horses under three years of age) by prior arrangement.

The course will include working with the horses on Macalla farm, using some of the farm's modern horse-drawn equipment such as the horticulture tool carrier with plough, ridger and cultivator, harrow and forecart.

Accommodation is available on the farm and guests can take part in yoga classes in the morning.

For more information, contact Christophe Mouze on 098 25412 or 087 262 1832 or visit

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