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Monday 23 April 2018

Massey Ferguson on red alert with models that pack power and style

New kid on MF block, the 7600 series, features a fresh look and more fuel-efficient engines

Bruce Lett

Massey Ferguson has launched its new high horsepower, lightweight MF 7600 series of tractors, featuring new styling, engines and options.

Replacing the top-end models in both the 6400 and 7400 series are four new tractors, developing maximum engine horsepower from 185hp to 235hp. The MF 7619, MF 7620, MF 7622 and MF 7624 are all equipped with the latest Agco Sisu Power e³ engines with Generation 2 Selective Catalytic Reduction exhaust emission control (Ad Blue).

There are two different capacity engines used in the four new models. The MF 7619 and MF 7620 use a 6.6l engine which the firm says develops 185 and 210hp respectively. With Power Management, these figures rise to 200 and 220hp.

The next model in the new series, the MF 7622 uses the 7.4l power plant in the DYNA 6 powershift transmission version and the 6.6l engine in the DYNA VT variable transmission version.

It develops a maximum of 215hp and, with Power Management, this rises to 240hp, irrespective of whether the 7.4 or 6.6l engine is used.

The largest model in the new series, the MF 7624, uses the 7.4l engine and it maxes out at 235 and 260hp with Power Management.

Cosmetically, the new Massey Ferguson 7600 series adopts the same bonnet styling as the firm's 8600 series.

However, the cab has been completely redesigned, with a new roof with two new lights on each corner.

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The slim bonnet and compact cooling package are matched with a new slim dash and instrument panel to increase visibility through the new curved front windscreen. The new dash also moves with the steering wheel as it tilts and telescopes in and out to suit different driver's dimensions.

For Irish roads, welcome additions are the two cab suspension options -- conventional spring and damper or adjustable OptiRide Plus hydraulic cab suspension.


The firm's Dyna-6 Eco semi-powershift transmission provides 24 speeds, with six Dynashift (powershift) steps in each of the four 'range' gears.

The Eco feature allows the 40kph or 50kph top speed to be achieved at low engine rpm with the ultimate aim of using less fuel. On Dyna-6 models Power Management automatically boosts engine power by up to 25hp in pto work and transport applications.

The Massey Ferguson vario Dyna-VT transmission, like most vario transmissions, potentially allows the operator precise control over the forward speed and engine rpm. There is great scope with vario transmission to save fuel. Dynamic Tractor Management (Dyna-TM) simplifies vario transmission control by automatically adjusting the engine speed according to load.

For controlling the tractor's functions, there are new Command Control Armrests and the option of the new Multipad joystick and multi-function joystick. The Multipad joystick is standard on top-specification tractors and mounts at the front of the Command Control Armrest. It has a thumb button shuttle control and operates a range of other functions.

Also new is the option, on the top two models, of a multi-function joystick, which includes forward/reverse shuttle and gearshift buttons, as well as providing hydraulic controls. The new 7600s are available in a number of specification levels to suit different farming operations and presumably pockets as well.

There are three spec options available on MF 7600 Dyna-6 semi-powershift models and these are suitably named Essential, Efficient and Exclusive. Dyna-VT versions are a higher specification machine and are only available in two variants, Efficient and Exclusive on the MF 7600 series.

The Essential is what Massey Ferguson describes as the entry level version, aimed at those for whom power is the priority in a cost-effective operation without too much complexity.

Essential models are equipped with the Dyna-6 Eco transmission with a right-hand console-mounted T-Bar lever and mechanical spool valves.


According to Massey Ferguson, the Efficient versions are the likely choice for most mainstream European arable farmers with the specification these users expect plus a high level of comfort and ergonomic control. Efficient versions are available with either the Dyna-6 Eco or the Dyna-VT transmissions, operated via the new Command Control Arm with integral T-Bar lever. It comes with both mechanical and electronic spool valves and the option of the Multi Function joystick.

At the top end of the spectrum is the Exclusive, which MF says is for serious users that look for and expect the best, most up-to-date technology and automation to help boost productivity and economy.

Specifications here include the new Command Control Arm with Multipad lever and all electronic spool valves. There is the choice of Dyna-6 Eco or Dyna-VT transmissions and the Multi Function joystick is also optional, fitting to the right of the Multipad lever.

Standard control on all models in the new 7600 series is MF's Integrated Tractor Control System (ITCS), which provides electronic spool valve management and wheelslip control as well as many other automatic features. The firm's Datatronic Control Centre Display is an information display and control system.

It is ISOBUS compatible and is fitted as standard on top models and an option on others. All MF 7600 Series tractors come ready to be fitted with the Agcommand telemetry system to track, monitor and control vehicles using GPS and a mobile telephone link to the internet. According to Tony Cox, manager of Market Services for Ireland, the MF 6445-6485 and MF 7465-7485 will continue to run below the new MF7600 series as they are below the 130kw threshold for the emissions legislation due on January 1 next year. The prices, as to be expected, will be higher for the new models but you do get more for your money on the new 7600s.

"It is very difficult to compare the prices without detailed spec-for-spec comparison, but a Transport spec MF 6495 Dyna-6 was €120,436 and the new Efficient spec MF 7620 Dyna-6 is €134,920, but the Efficient spec will include additional items such as fingertip spool valves and economy PTO not available on MF 6495 Transport," says Mr Cox.

"A MF 7495 was €140,021 and the MF 7620 Dyna-VT Exclusive package is now €154,313, but again there is extra specification in the Exclusive spec such as finger tip spool valves and electric control mirrors."

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