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Thursday 18 January 2018

Mart trade still under fair bit of pressure

Joe Healy

The mart trade spent another week under a bit of pressure -- and it looks like it will continue this week.

Most of the finished lambs were selling for €70-80 over their weight, with lighter store types generally making €60-70 over. Well-fleshed cull ewes remain a good seller, while the best custom continues to be for young ewes with lambs at foot and ewe hoggets. Up to and more than €300 was paid for ewes with lambs, while ewe hoggets made up to €191.

At Athenry yesterday, the nicely fleshed lambs over 44kg sold for €70-82 over and the lighter lamb made €58-68 with the €/kg. Ewe hoggets sold for €170 while wether hoggets made €50 over the weight.

Top price at Fermoy was €98 over, with €146 paid for 48kg and €138 for 50kg. The general run for good lamb was €70-84 over. Lighter lambs sold for €60-65 over the €/kg.

Dowra Mart had 640 sheep on offer with a strong demand for all sheep on the day. A few pens of store lambs are starting to appear and they made €75-95 each, while the factory lambs sold for €100-130. Dry hoggets made €90-125 each and a few pens for breeding sold for up to €157 each. Hoggets with single lambs at foot made €160-230/unit.


Prices for ewes with lambs at foot varied from a high of €190/unit down to €90/unit at Maam Cross. Hoggets sold for €80-120 each and the spring lambs made €140.

Factory and butcher lambs sold for €63-88 over the weight at Tullow Mart and the lighter store-type lambs made up to €80 over. Cull ewes sold for €66-126 each.

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Spring lambs were a similar trade to the previous week at Mountbellew Mart, with good demand for fleshy lambs. Stag ewes remained a solid trade. The 40-50kg lambs made €70-83 over the €/kg. A limited supply of light wether hoggets sold for €75-80 each.

Good demand, especially for heavier lots of cull ewes, saw prices range from €75-127. Sample prices for ewes with lambs at foot were as follows: a third-crop ewe with twin lambs at foot made €302; a first-crop ewe with a single lamb at foot sold for €222; two first-crop ewes with four lambs at foot sold for €313 each; two first-crop ewes with two lambs at foot made €220 each; two yearling ewes with four lambs at foot made €240; and nine yearling ewes with nine lambs at foot sold for €200 each.

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