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Mart prices hold despite lift in numbers on offer

Numbers were up in all marts. Many venues also reported prices to be up. Factory men were active for all fleshy stock with exporters active for suitable weanlings.

One mart manager said that quite a few store farmers were opting to take advantage of the buoyant trade at the moment and sell earlier than they normally would. The suck calf trade is beginning to kick off with strong and improving prices reported especially for the good Friesian bull calves.

Ballinakill Mart reported a much bigger sale than normal with over 500 cattle present. All categories met an extremely lively trade particularly the heavy steers where a range of €420-700 over the weight was evident.

Forward stores sold for €375-565 with their weight, while the lighter types made €340-510 over. Prices for beef heifers ran from €310-475 over the €1/kg.

Stores made €280-365 with the weight. In the weanling section, bulls sold for €290-475 over, with the heifers at ��250-370 along with the €1/kg. Fat cull cows made up to €335 over. Feeders were making upwards of €1/kg.

Balla Mart in Mayo had 1,015 cattle on offer on Saturday. Heifers were a better trade, with prices up €50-80 on the previous week. The best of the stores made from €320-675 over. Heavier heifers made up to €860 over the weight. Bull weanlings made from €280 to €910 with their weight. The top price of €910 over was for a 450kg Belgian Blue cross which sold for €1,360. Heifers sold from €150 to €410 with their weight.

Quality store bullocks made from €240-550 over the €1/kg, while plainer lots made from €200-340 over. Heavy bullocks made up to €520 with the weight. There were 136 cows on offer. Dry cows were in great demand, with good quality cows making from €100 to €325 over. Sucklers with a calf at foot sold from €1,000-1,730/hd for the best lots.

The trade in Kilkenny Mart was steady last Thursday, although numbers were well up. Northern buyers were very active, bullock prices were up €15-20/hd, while heifers were up €10 to €15. Weanling prices were unchanged.

Heavy bullocks made between €300 and €680 over the €1/kg, while those in the 400-500kg bracket made from €300 to €500 over. Bullocks under 400kg made €350 to €450 over.

Beef heifers made from €330 to €550 over, butcher heifers from €280 to €505 over and store heifers from €200 to €400 over.

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