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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Markets cool slightly but cull cows continue to reach ¤2/kg

Prices on the up in some marts but down in others

Joe Healy

Some marts reported an improvement in prices while a few others said that a little bit of heat was gone out of the trade. Well-fleshed cull cows continue to hit the €2/kg.

Prime cattle are making €1.80-2.50/kg in general. Sucklers, either in-calf or with a calf at foot, ranged from €1,000-1,900. Friesian bull suck calves made more than €300, while continental bull and heifer calves sold for €250-500. Fancy forward and light store cattle are still very much in demand with farmers and factory buyers competing strongly.

Steers weighing 555-735kg at Tuam Mart made €163-2.63/kg. Lighter bullocks sold for €2.37-2.41/kg. Heavy heifers made €2.14-2.31/kg, while the 450-500kg types sold for €2.10-2.35/kg. Weanling bulls weighing 350-400kg made €2.50-2.66/kg. The 250-300kg lots sold for €2.58-2.85/kg. The heavier weanling heifers up to 360kg traded at €2.39-2.94/kg.

Ballinakill had reduced numbers but definitely no reduction to the prices.

Heavy bullocks sold for €1.80-2.27/kg. Forward stores made €1.75-2.30/kg, while the lighter stores made €1.72-2.42. Depending on quality, the weanling bulls varied from €1.90-2.25/kg, beef heifers moved at €1.80-2.18/kg and stores ranged from €1.65-2.40/kg.

Wexford Farmers' Mart had an improved trade, albeit for a smaller turnout of weanlings. Bulls sold for €360-550 with the weight in a price range of €770-1,100. Heifer prices went for €640-900, or €310-450 over the €/kg. At their suck calf sale of 140 calves, the continental bulls sold for €370-515, with the heifers making €250-405.

Dowra Mart had a big sale of 660 cattle on offer last Saturday. Prices were slightly back from the highs of previous weeks. Weanling bulls over 500kg sold for €450-850 with the weight, while the lighter bulls made €300-750 over the weight. Weanling heifers achieved €300-650 over the €/kg, with a few choice lots making right up to €800 over. The forward store heifers for breeding made €600-1,000 over their weight. Heavy dry cows ranged from €400-700 over, while feeding cows made €100-300 with the weight.

Balla had 1,000 cattle on offer. Bullocks were in great demand, especially the heavier types over 600kg, which sold for €1.91-2.82/kg. Trade for heifers was also strong, with some good quality heavy heifers making €2.03-2.28/kg, or €630-955 with their weight, while forward stores made €2.03-2.65/kg, or €630-730 with the €/kg.

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A good entry of 650 cattle at Carnew Mart met with a very strong selling trade. Beef and forward steers sold for €650-970 over the weight, with the stores making €350-770 over. Well-fleshed heifers traded at €530-850 over the €/kg, while prices for stores ranged from €350-700 with the weight. Heavy cull cows fit for slaughter made up to €800 over, with store cows selling back to €100 over.

Up in Raphoe, good heavy bulls over 600kg made €605-1080 over the weight. Beef bullocks sold for €580-985 over the €/kg, while the stores ranged from €300-775 over the weight. Beef heifers made €530-835 over. Store heifers sold at €280-645 over the €/kg. Cull cows made €600-1,655 each.

An exceptionally strong trade was reported again from Ballymote Mart. Light store bullocks made €325-705 over the €/kg. Heavier types sold for €450-775 over their weight. In the heifer section, the light stores ranged from €300-520 over while heavier lots sold for €325-680 over. Store cull cows were selling for €100-400. Well-fleshed cow prices hit a high of €900 over their weight. Suckler heifers ranged from €1,200-1,760/unit. Young continental sucklers were making from €1,400-1,760.

Light weanling bulls made from €250-500 over the weight. Heavy export types were making up to €660 over.

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