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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Mare inspections prove a success

Horse Sport Ireland last year held its first round of the new inspections and more than 650 mares were looked at in August, September and October.

The Irish Sport Horse Studbook inspections saw 323 mares go through the entire process, and 227 -- 70pc -- of those met all of the inspection requirements.

These mares were awarded 'Select' status within the studbook, which is its highest classification for mares.

Only 'Select' mares are eligible to receive Star Ratings.

After last year's inspections, 121 of the mares that received 'Select' status were awarded Star Ratings.

A total of 306 Irish Draught mares were presented for inspection last year, and 149 -- 49pc -- of these met all of the requirements and were therefore awarded 'Class 1' status.

This is the highest classification for mares within the Irish Draught Horse Studbook and only these mares are eligible to receive additional merits (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

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