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Monday 20 November 2017

Mallow organcic farm has a vacancy with a difference

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

An advertisement for a farm manager position with a 39-hour working week on a 50ac farm with an annual salary of €32,000-38,000 seems too good to be true at a time when expanding dairy farmers are expected to manage 150 cows single-handedly.

Add in the fact that the farm already has a part-time farmhand and numerous other workers, there is only occasional weekend work and the position includes accommodation at minimal rent, and one really begins to wonder.

However, this farm is no ordinary farm.

The Slí Eile farm at Burton Park, Churchtown, Mallow, Co Cork is a 50ac organic farm where the volunteer workers are people who are recovering from mental stress.

The farm is designed to be a safe living environment where structure, routine and respect help people to regain control of their lives.

The project leader position on offer is essentially that of a farm manager who will be required to make best use of the 50ac farm, manage the livestock and set up and manage an organic market garden.

The successful candidate is expected to have good farming knowledge, with experience and/or qualifications and a strong interest in organic crops, as well as the interest and ability to work with tenants at Burton Park.

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