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Friday 15 December 2017

Majority of Dairy farmers set for fines

Nearly half of all dairy farmers said that they are over quota, with older dairy farmers most likely to be heading for superlevy trouble.

While one in 10 farmers did not know whether they would be over quota or not on March 31 next year, it appears that most dairy farmers will be struggling to pay superlevy fines in 2012.

The numbers claiming to be over quota did not change significantly between the different sizes of farming operations, although 47pc of farmers under 40 years of age said they were under quota compared to 56pc of farmers aged 60 or over.

More than 1,000 farmers took part in our survey over the course of the three days at the Ploughing Championships.

Two out of three of all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire were dairy, beef or sheep farmers.

Half of the remainder were tillage operators.

More than half of those who took part were full-time farmers aged 40-60.

Just under half of respondents were farming less than 100ac, with just over one in 10 stating that they were farming more than 200ac.

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